THE BUZZ! Racial slur seen in TV weather forecast: ‘We apologize to our viewers’ A weather channel in Des Moines Iowa is apologizing to its viewers. The apology is in response to a racial slur shown on screen during a broadcast. The graphic on the screen read Hello Des Moines, This is your weather my […]

  Travis Scott and Live Nation Sued Over Astroworld 2021 Astroworld a huge music festival that took place in Houston with about 50,000 people in attendance ended in tragedy and was declared a “mass casualty event”. As artist Travis Scott took the stage the large crowd began to surge forward to the stage and people described […]

A Twitter poll popped up suggesting that the term "Karen" is "being used as a sexist and racist slur." It further went on to suggest that "Karen" is the "equivalent of the n-word for white women" and asks should the term be banned on Twitter altogether. Black Twitter says hell no.

Nyjah Vest went to a Mexican restaurant on September 7 and reportedly received a receipt with much more than the total of the food she purchased. Vest and some friends were dining at El Porton Mexican Restaurant in Duluth, Georgia and the waiter who took their order reportedly wrote first name’s down in order to […]

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo received major backlash on Thursday for his comments during a recent radio interview.


An Illinois Dairy Queen franchise store owner is making national headlines after calling a customer the N-word, among other racial slurs.

Yahoo Finance's social media team tweeted out the following headline around 10:01 p.m. EST: “Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

In an attempt to criticize Donald Trump and discuss his failure to denounce Neo-Nazis, Clinton supporter and liberal Charles Kaiser dropped the N-bomb live on CNN.

When will folks learn that racial slurs on the job are generally not going to help your long-term employment prospects? Another TV anchor has learned the hard way that despite your personal beliefs, its a good idea to share them in the private white spaces you may be in as opposed to your job or […]