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The 10th Annual Ford Hoodie Awards Hosted By Steve Harvey - Red Carpet

Source: Isaac Brekken / Getty

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Harvey apparently has a thing for dope boys and was linked by the FBI  to two drug smuggling rings. Before hooking up with talk show host, comedian, author and very paid Steve Harvey, the FBI and DEA began investigating Marjorie while she was married to drug lord Jim L. Townsend, 68.  Allegedly Marjorie was suspected of playing a part in her hubby’s drug ring.  In fact, according to reports her hubby was threatened with her arrest if he didn’t cooperate.  We don’t know what happened but he may have held her down because she didn’t get charged.  On the other hand,  he got life in prison for allegedly attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine. She rolled out and divorced him after 5 years into his sentence.  Townsend was released after serving 26 years, when then President Obama recognizing how excessive that sentence was for a non violent drug offense pardoned him in 2017.   Obama , we sure miss you!!! The Trump Administration wants to give non violent drug offenders more time enriching the coffers of private prison companies – something the Obama administration was trying to change – but that’s another story.   Back to Marjorie, my girl quickly got involved with ANOTHER drug kingpin, Donnell Woods. He fathered her third child, daughter Lori, in 1997, and they married in 2000 — around the time the FBI started to investigate Woods for his role in a drug smuggling operation.   Before the investigation was completed, she left him and hooked up with Steve.  I ain’t mad but don’t be frontin’ with this good girl image.  I guess Steve left out in his how to get a man books that the way to catch a hubby like him is to have a few dope boys in your past.  Jus sayin’


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