Tamar Braxton’s mom Evelyn is not backing down from her claims that Vincent Herbert severely abused her daughter and his wife Tamar throughout their marriage.  She spoke again Friday saying that Vince blamed “Tamar’s mouth” for the physical assaults including cursing Tamar out in front of their son Logan.

“I think Vincent is a bully, fighting, cursing, name-calling what bothers me is that the baby is right there in the midst of it.” Mama Evelyn as she is affectionately called told a radio show host,

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Furthermore, she’s seriously worried that he might fatally injure Tamar who she says is in denial, in a fit of rage.

“I’m afraid that he might hit her the wrong way, push her and kill her,” said Evelyn who’s promoting an anti-domestic violence message for women and men.

“I do not want Tamar to be part of that statistic.”

The Braxton matriarch indicated that Tamar had been frequently hospitalized due to the abuse.

“It’s been going on a long time, the girls alluded to it, it was ignored. It was always said, ‘That’s not true’ but yet your eyes are black, you have bruises on your shoulders, yet you’re always ending up in the hospital with blood clots. C’mon!”

Mama Evelyn said she also fears for her grandson Logan.

“When he gets upset like that I am afraid for the baby, very much so. There’s more that I could say, but I won’t. How about that?”

The couple is going through a rocky divorce after being married almost a decade.

Especially for the sake of their son, let’s pray they  work it out without anybody getting hurt further.  If the allegations are true, Vince should face charges.   There is no excuse for domestic violence and abuse.

Tamar is currently on the Xscape tour with Tiny who is also going through a divorce from her husband T.I.   I hope they are holding each other down as only girlfriends can do!

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