Questions are being raised about the fatal shooting of Baltimore Police Officer Sean Suiter, 43, who was killed by a gunshot to the head on November 15.

Suiter was scheduled to testify against his fellow officers who were indicted for a drug-running scheme.  Now there is concern that he may have been murdered to stop him from testifying.  According to the Baltimore Sun, authorities say there is evidence of a struggle.

Suiter, an 18-year veteran with the force, was a homicide detective at the time of his murder and was scheduled to testify before a grand jury over a case that alleged Baltimore conspired with Philadelphia police to sell heroin and cocaine. reports that the drugs that were to be sold allegedly came from the streets of Baltimore after they were seized by law enforcement. But the Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis is claiming that there is no link between Officer Suiter’s death and the drug-running indictment.

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“The BPD and the FBI do not possess any information that this incident is part of any conspiracy,” Davis told the Sun, and also claims Suiter was “just doing his job on behalf of the city.”

Sean Suiter was shot at around 4 pm on November 15 after approaching a suspicious man in Harlem Park. He died the next morning from wounds he sustained.

Authorities are offering a $215,000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest in Suiter’s murder.

What do you think?  It sure seems sus’ to me.  The only way we can stop police corruption and brutality is when good police officers speak out.  I commend Officer Suiter on his courage and willingness to come forward.  Let’s pray that a serious investigation is conducted and those responsible for his murder are brought to justice.   Officer Suiter was married and the couple had five children.  Condolences to his grieving family.Such a tragedy.

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