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Rapper DMX seems to be taking his drug and alcohol rehab seriously.  He’s done so well he was given the green light by a New York judge to perform for fans in Albany, New York last night.  He was also allowed to host a Thursday night gig in New York City.  X’s attorney says he travels with a drug counselor and gets drug tested while he’s on tour.  So far, he’s been granted release about 10 times while he’s in rehab and check this:  he hasn’t failed a test.  That’s wassup! Richman says DMX covers all of the counselor’s food and expenses while they’re traveling together.

Last week, DMX plead guilty to tax evasion in exchange for a more lenient punishment. He told the court that he had put other people in charge of his finances, but in the end, he acknowledged his responsibility for failing to pay his taxes.  DMX will be sentenced r March 29, 2018. He faces up to 5 years in prison, three years of supervised release as well as a total of $100,000 in fines. Of course, he will be expected to pay the $1.7 million in back taxes as well.

But bruh is looking good, stronger and healthier than ever and seems to be dedicated to his sobriety.

Keep it up X.  We’re proud of you.  Follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook @JazD1

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