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Handsome green-eyed Grey’s Anatomy hunk Jesse Williams is under renewed fire from his lovely wife Aryn Drake- Lee for allegedly violating their custody agreement by introducing their two young children to a new girlfriend (a beautiful sistuh btw) Ciarra Pardo who the kids call Mama C.  But Jesse swears she’s not his girlfriend and in fact Aryn knows her.  According to TMZ, Jesse and Ciarra, a visual artist with links to Rihanna, have known each other for a very long time, but are not a couple and don’t ever hook up. In fact, we’re told Ciarra’s been a pal since the kids were born.  The two were recently on a trip together, joined by other friends, to Brazil.

Aryn, who just got a nice bump in her monthly cake from Jesse to $50,000, claims Jesse’s been taking them to Mama C’s place since October. Our sources say the kids have always called Ciarra “Mama C” and also “Auntie C.” Williams and Drake-Lee agreed in the documents for their custody agreement that they must both wait at least six months before introducing their kids to a girlfriend.  But sources say that not only does Drake-Lee know who she is, the kids (who are both under 4) have called her “Auntie C,” since they were babies. As for the Friday Nights Lights alum Minka Kelly that Jesse allegedly cheated on his wife with, their relationship is cooked and done.  Remember, Jesse gave an impassioned speech about the beauty and importance of upholding Black women and then got shade for dating Minka, who is white?  But what goes unreported is how much Jesse gives back.  He is an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter and donates to organizations that fight against police brutality and the school to prison pipeline (excessive discipline common in many inner-city schools that opponents say increase dropout rates and steer kids to the criminal justice system.)

I overstand the pain Ayrn is feeling but baby gurl you got to move on.   I hope the couple works things out and finds a way to peacefully co parent and props to Jesse for speaking out against injustice and putting his dollarz where his mouth is.  He don’t just speak about it, he IS about it.   What do you think?  Hit me @jaztalk1 on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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