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I am not with Miss Tiffany Haddish who clowned folks for being interested in the Beyonce biting story that SHE put out there, telling fans:

“You want to know who bit Beyonce? I’m just going to tell y’all and this is the last time I’m talking about it. Let me sip some of my tea. Really, it’s done, people should be focusing on the real issues at hand, like, did you do your taxes? Because taxes is due real soon. Do your children know how to read and write? … Is your house clean? That’s what we should be focusing on.”

Really girl?  Then maybe you shouldn’t have spilled the tea about it. No one else at the party did.  Tiffany  made headlines last week when she alleged that she almost put her hands on an actress who bit the singer at an L.A. after-party in December.   Tiffany said Beyonce told her to chill because the unidentified actress was on drugs and the fight didn’t go down.  Later rumors surfaced that it was Sanaa Lathan.  Sanaa said those accusations were untrue.   Now Tiffany said she’s not snitching on who it was because she signed a non disclosure agreement.  I wonder if she got paid for that?

But she lost points with me for carrying her fans for being interested in a story she put out there.  What do you think?  Follow me on @Jaztalk1 instagram, twitter and facebook.

Sanaa Lathan

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