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Hip Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow is on the road to recovery after his spleen ruptured causing him to be rushed to the emergency room in a near-death experience.

He explained on his Instagram that the rupture led to bleeding inside of his stomach.

“The Covid 19 virus is crazy but last week I had another emergency surgery. My spleen was bleeding into my stomach. The surgeon said I was lucky to make [it] in time.”

He also shared his wife saved his life just in time.

“I went to the ER just in time because my wife made me go. I wanted to go in the morning,” he said. “The surgeon said I was lucky to make in time. They took out my spleen and saved my life. My spleen had splattered and I was bleeding internally.” 

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The rapper has struggled with health issues in the past including heart surgery and collapsing outside of a mall and was saved by LAPD.


In his post, he makes it clear that he is in recovery and gives thanks to his physicians and God for another chance.

“I am in recovery now and I thank God for the great physician and Dr Jamali. The great surgeon Dr Schriver and all the nurses and assistants at West Hills Hospital,” Kurtis concluded his post. “Thanks to my wife and fam for all your prayers. Thank God for still another chance. 7 operations. A Cat with 9 lives -Amen!!!!”

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