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The institution of marriage is viewed on a variety of levels depending on where you are in the world. Take India for example, which saw a bride dropping to her death on the big day, only for her family to offer the groom another viable option: his would-be sister-in-law!


We came across this very WTF story over on TMZ, who identified the deceased bride only by the name Surbhi in their original report. She apparently died of a heart attack right as the ceremony was kicking off, essentially collapsing after exchanging traditional garlands with expected husband, Mangesh Kumar.

Here’s a bit more info on how it all played out at this fatally resourceful wedding, according to TMZ:

“Sadly, Surbhi was declared dead at the scene. Now, this would normally put a halt to most, if not all, wedding ceremonies. But in this case, the bride and groom’s families reportedly huddled up and came up with a solution — Surbhi’s family offered up her sister, Nisha.

When the wedding resumed … the dead bride’s body was taken to another room. 😑

Nisha and Surbhi’s bro told the Times of India, “It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister took place while the dead body of my other sister was laying in another room.”

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It’s being said that Kumar was so persistent about marrying someone, anyone by the looks of itbecause his family was expecting a dowry from the union. In short, a dowry is any form of property or money that a bride brings to her husband when they get married. It’s arguable as to whether family heirlooms equate to a life of love and happiness, but we’ll just let people live life how they want.

R.I.P Surbhi. Cheers to the happy couple, Nisha and Mangesh?



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