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If there’s one thing Mo’Nique is not shy about, it’s about expressing her opinion publically, and lately, she’s been the topic of conversation after criticizing young Black women for wearing their bonnets in public, calling on the younger generation to “respect themselves” in public. While Mo’Nique still doesn’t agree with the notion of wearing a bonnet outside of the house, today she’s taken the conversation one step further and has called out public wear in general after seeing a picture of a woman in the airport wearing a look that she did not approve of.

Taking to Instagram to make her point, the comedienne posted a picture of a Black woman seemingly waiting for her luggage at the airport. The woman was wearing a plastic bag over her head (like a bonnet), short shorts, and a tank top, a big no-no in Mo’s book. “Hey BEAUTIFUL QUEENS,” Mo’Nique captioned the photo of the woman. “NO SHAMING. If this is the BEST YOU CAN DO NO JUDGMENT DO YOU. This was sent to me as an example of what we’re talking about that goes on in our community. However if this is not your BEST, than do BETTER! Being that ultimately the decision either way is yours. I LOVE US 4REAL❤


Although you couldn’t see the woman’s face in the picture, fans were seemingly outraged at Mo’Nique’s decision to post this, telling the 53-year-old that she’s taken this conversation too far and is now cyberbullying the woman. “Oh girl.. Monique. Delete this,” commented one fan, while another wrote,  “Firstly, that’s NOT a bonnet. It’s a plastic bag. Secondly, let’s stop taking photos of strangers and posting it on the internet with sole purpose of debating whether or not we think they look presentable.”

The conversation also spilled over to Twitter, with many users angry that Mo’Nique chose Instagram to publically embarrass the stranger. “Monique is burying herself over bonnets. that’s so crazy,” one user tweeted.

While another tweeted that Mo’Nique’s actions were “disgusting.”

And then there was this user, who noted that Mo’Nique’s actions were rooted in a “white gaze.”

The backlash in Mo’Nique’s comment section has continued to grow, she did take the time to respond to a few angry comments, saying “Hey my sweet baby. How do we learn without examples? And if a picture is worth a thousand words, what better example can I give. Please remember I’m saying it with no judgment toward anyone. This is a judgment call for you to make about how you want to present yourself, on a daily basis. Love U 2 Life.”

Beauties, do you believe Mo’Nique has a point, or is she taking this conversation too far?

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