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Many of us were taught at a young age to never ask a lady her age, but lately it’s become quite normal for women to embrace the years of wisdom they’ve been given — however many it may be! — simply based off the blessing of still being here.

Erykah Badu, who happens to be a fabulous 50, unfortunately wasn’t too pleased with her age playing a factor in the recent headlines that surfaced in regards to a rumored engagement to 27-year-old boyfriend JaRon The Secret.



“Why every time there is an article about a woman over 30 the journalists mentions the age ? [sic]” Badu pondered amongst her 2.7 million Twitter followers. She went on make up a few jovial examples of what she meant — “ Erykah bardu’ , 50 does the splits … e. Badu 50, had feelings …” [sic] — while also signifying that it’s a practice typically used in media when referencing someone’s birthday or when making a death announcement. Being that Badu’s birthday was back in February, and by the Most High’s grace she’s still with us, the Baduizm singer felt it was unnecessary to bring up her age as it relates to a relationship announcement.

It all stemmed from a photo dump on Instagram — “Solar Eclipse Dump” in her words — that she posted over the weekend which featured a shoutout to JaRon over the span of many photos together. The last flick ended with the pair holding hands while wearing matching lime-colored rings on the fourth finger of their left hands, which sent many outlets pondering if they were simply going IG official or announcing their engagement.


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Thankfully it seems like Erykah was ultimately having fun and seemed to just be creating convo amongst her followers, even joking with one that gave a meta response to her original tweet.

We’ll wait for Badu herself to say the words “I’m engaged” before making any assumptions, but let us know if you think she had a point in regards to her age playing a factor in the headline — is it ageism or simply stating facts?

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