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Cows stuck indoors for winter are getting virtual reality goggles to feel like they’re outside

it is winter time and that means for a lot of things its time to head indoors to get out from the cold and all that comes with it. Not so different for some animals either. For example some cows will be heading indoors to continue to be able to produce milk. And now farmers are even taking it a step further to ensure their cows are feeling at home How are they doing this you might ask, well, they are using virtual reality goggles to make the cows feel like they are outdoors in a summer field.

So far they say it helps and the cows none the wiser are happier and producing more milk.

Farm animals Virtual Reality… Welcome to the future.

Source: NY Post

Hogan to give citation to Ellicott City couple, Baltimore bakery who helped I-95 drivers

Once again another big shout out to Casey Holihan and John Noe and also to H&S Bakery. They will be receiving a citation and its one of the goods ones. Not one of those pay a fine ones and it will be issued by Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan who is recognizing their act of kindness during the snow storm that trapped thousands of drivers on I 95. The couple who were stopped behind a bakery truck decided to call the bakery and ask if they would consider giving out the food in the back of the truck to help those who were stranded. A great idea and it helped many. So congrats to them and H&S Bakery and thank you for thinking of everyone.

Humans can be good when we choose to be.
Source: Fox News

Most expensive home in America lists for $295 million, may head to auction

If you have gone through the house buying process you understand what it takes to make sure you have everything right to be able to afford the home you want. And maybe you are currently in the market for a new home.

Well maybe you will consider this new home on the market and its actually the most expensive home in the country.

This mega mansion located in Los Angeles is a 105,000-square-feet and is known as “The One” listed Friday for $295 million, making it the most expensive listing in the United States.
And if it sells for the listing price then it will definitely hold the title as the most expensive home listing in the U.S. and if there is any long delays in the purchasing of the property then it will go to auction to the highest bidder in February.
Believe it or not the original asking price was $500 million dollars.
Branden Williams, of The Beverly Hills Estates, which is representing the property said “It’s a modern masterpiece,”“It’s four acres at the top of a mountain in Bel Air, and it can never be built again.”
Source : CNBC
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