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Chicago’s Willie Wilson to hold $1 million gas giveaway Thursday

So the high gas prices have affected people all over the country. I mean it s been so bad for some that I’ve even seen videos on social media where people are actually siphoning gas from other peoples cars. Well some people are doing their part to help out. Like in Chicago entrepreneur Willie Wilson who is helping out in a very big way, like a million dollars big.  Yes, The philanthropist will be giving away 1 million dollars in gas to Chicago residents.
Now this comes after he gifted $200,000 in gas last week where motorists could go to specific gas stations and fill up their tanks up to $50 on a first come first serve basis.

Wilson said in a written statement “The need among the community is so great. Soaring gas prices have caused a hardship for too many of our citizens. This week’s nearly 50 participating stations, he shared, have agreed to lower their prices so more people can get more gas.
The million dollar gas giveaway will take place tomorrow in Chi Town.
Source: The Griot

Black HERstory: Lupita Nyong’o to Explore Black Warrior Women In Documentary on

Smithsonian Channel

If you saw the movie Black panther you saw the amazing women warriors in the film called the Dora Milaje. They were fierce, strong and an elite group of special forces that protected Wakanda. Well get ready for Actress Lupita Nyongo to lead a new documentary coming out on the Smithsonian channel all about the Warrior Women from Africa who influenced
The official press release describes the documentary as:
Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o goes on an emotional and epic journey to Benin, West Africa to uncover the extraordinary, neglected story of the little-known but highly formidable Agoji warrior women, the fearsome warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey. For centuries, this special army force protected the rulers of one of the richest kingdoms in Africa, Dahomey, until a bitter defeat in 1892 disbanded them forever…or did it?
Follow Nyong’o on this immersive and epic journey into the past to uncover the real story of the remarkable female fighters that helped inspire the Dora Milaje.
Warrior Women with Lupita Nyong’o premieres March 28 at 8p.m. ET only on the Smithsonian channel
African Warrior Women, I Love It! That’s a must see for me.
Source: The Root

Baltimore County Police Warn Of Potential Scammers Posing As Repair Or Cable Employees

Well back in town, Baltimore County Police have issued a warning to County residents to be on the lookout for scammers who could knock on your door posing as repair or cable employees.
The Baltimore County Police Department said scammers often attempt to distract residents when their house is unlocked. “Somebody could be talking to you . . . and then somebody could go around the back and climb in your window.”
Police said that if someone is going out of town, then they should not advertise their trip. That information should only be shared with a few neighbors who can watch the house so the information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.
They also also recommend keeping a few lights on so it looks as though someone is home.
So be mindful of whats happening around you.
Source: WJZ
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