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Jennifer Hudson Becomes an EGOT Winner at the 2022 Tony Awards

Broadway’s biggest show went down over the weekend and there were some memorable moments during the 75th showing of The Tony Awards, like Michael Jackson’s kids paying tribute to their legendary Father.
Then there was this, when J Hud won for co producing the musical ‘Strange Loop” a Tony award for made history becoming the latest to hold the E.G.O.T. title, meaning she has now won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and with her latest Tony award win

Some other names you might recognize who have also won all four awards include Rita Moreno, Alan Menken, Audrey Hepburn, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mel Brooks, Mike Nichols, Whoopi Goldberg, and John Legend.
So big congratulations to Jennifer Hudson reaching that exclusive status.
Yesterday’s price is not today’s price.
Source: NBC

What can an AR-15 do to the human body? A trauma surgeon explains.

Speaking of price, what price will we continue to pay for assault rifles being easily available to almost anyone.
We know we have been dealing with tragedy from mass shootings and gun violence and one of the weapon of choice for some of these shooters have been assault rifles, more specifically the AR-15, a military style weapon that can fire at least 30 rounds.
Well one trauma surgeon broke down what these weapons actually do to the human body. Saying that injuries from this type of weapon are “almost unsurvivable, essentially,” because of the significant damage the bullets cause to the victims.
In comparing the damage from being shot by a handgun versus an assault rifle, she said “When you see handguns, you often just see a little hole on the outside on both sides; shotguns, which are a little bit higher velocity, a little bit bigger. But assault weapons, it’s much bigger,” she said, adding that as a bullet from this type of weapon penetrates the body, it typically creates a large cavity that can cause significant bleeding from vessels and completely destroy soft tissue, as well as organs.
“The organs, for example, like the liver or the spleen, that aren’t very elastic, they can’t handle that. They would basically rupture.”
She added that the reason the AR-15 is so deadly is that victims are hit by more than one bullet, with multiple injuries at a time.
Still don’t understand why weapons like this are available for anybody outside of the military.
Source: Yahoo



Juneteenth is approaching and there will be celebrations all over this country, after President Joe Biden signed a bill making it a federal holiday.  A holiday that CNN will be celebrating as well, as they plan to do a live broadcast of the inaugural event called  “Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom.”
The event will be held at the Hollywood Bowl and will feature a host of African American artists such as The Roots, Jhene Aiko, Khalid, Quest Love who is also one of the music directors for the show, Lucky Daye, Mary Mary, Michelle Williams, and even a performance from The Re-Collective Orchestra, a 68-piece all-Black symphony orchestra.
You can expect to see CNN Anchor Don Lemon covering the event as well as showing some love to  Black advocates and trailblazers who are on the front lines of the fight for equality.
In regards to the event, senior vice president and chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer for CNN said “We knew it was important to our country and important to our audiences to shed light on the meaning and significance of Juneteenth,” Due said. “And not only as an historic event but really as a way to engage and educate people about what still needs to happen for all of us to achieve freedom and justice.”
Glad to see them CNN getting involved and making it possible for all of us to catch what looks like will be a special event.
Source: CNN
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