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Netflix settles with Mo’Nique over discrimination, retaliation lawsuit

So Monique has been in the headlines a lot lately. Most recently because of her contract dispute with DL Hughley that turned into a lot more.
Well now she is back in the news for another dispute but this time its all about settling it.
She previously had accused Netflix of low balling her with an offer for her stand up special saying it was rooted in discrimination against Black women, meanwhile they offered other acts a much larger amount.

Well it looks like both parties have come to an agreement to dismiss the lawsuit according to  court documents, which means they both more than likely agreed to a settlement. Now details about the settlement have not been disclosed but I am sure we will find out very soon how big of a check they cut her.
And this is one argument it looks like Monique has won.
Source: Page Six

Will World Cup soccer games be played in 2026 in Baltimore?

So back in town today is the day we find out if Baltimore will be the host city for one of the biggest sport tournaments in the world, The World Cup.
Now Baltimore and D.C. are one of the 17 finalists after teaming up together to put in a joint bid to host the the World Cup and they win, that would be a big deal for our city and the DMV.
Just to give you an idea of how big, one person said “This is the biggest and most important sporting event globally,” “That would be the equivalent of hosting five or six super bowls in three weeks.”
That’s a big deal.
If the bid is won, the games would be played at M&T Bank Stadium here in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. would be host of a FIFA World Cup Fan Fest.
We will find out very soon as the announcement will be made today at 5pm on Fox Sports 1
Hope it does happen.
Source: WMAR

Elementary School Served Children Floor Sealant Instead of Milk After Container Mix-Up

And I can’t believe this happened…
As a parent there is a big trust factor involved with leaving your children under the care of others. And when you hear of stories like this it makes you even more apprehensive.
So there is an elementary school in Alaska that is under investigation after they made a big mistake by serving the kids in their daycare summer program floor sealant instead of milk.
Its being said that after the  kids ate breakfast they started complaining about how the milk tasted bad and that their throats were burning. The school district said in a statement that “Staff immediately directed students to stop consuming the substance and removed it.”
The School District Superintendent said the mix-up happened because the floor sealant was “stored or moved on the same pallet as large pouches of milk that were also in cardboard boxes.”
According to the district website, one student received medical treatment at a nearby hospital, and two other students were picked up from the school “and may have gone to seek medical advice.
Give thanks because that could’ve turned out way worse.
Source: CNN
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