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Artemis I launch scrubbed after engine issue

One of the biggest trending stories of the day is the Artemis launch.
Artemis is NASA’s most powerful rocket ever built and it was sent to launch today. But that won’t happen because the most powerful rocket ever built has issues. The launch was postponed today due to engine concerns.
Engineers said the problem came from a liquid hydrogen line that was not chilled enough inside one of the rocket’s four core-stage engines, which needs to occur before they can be ignited.

This launch is a historic and important one for NASA. The Artemis program aims to get humans back to the moon which has not happened since 1972.
The next projected launch date is now September 2nd. if all goes well.
It seems like the most powerful rocket ever built is becoming even more expensive…
source: CNN / ABC

Florida man arrested for calling sex worker on his honeymoon

NASA isn’t the only one having a bad time with it.
How about getting married and then going to your honeymoon with your wife. Then you get arrested, for calling a prostitute.
That is the story of this Florida man who according to reports, left his sleeping wife in the hotel and answered an ad for a prostitute.
Once he arrived at the hotel he was arrested by an undercover agent. The ad unfortunately for him was part of a sting operation by local police trying to slow down sex trafficking.
Source: NY Post

Maryland Police Officer Sued for Threatening a 5-Year-Old Boy, County Settles

Ok back here in town.
Do you remember the story back in 2020 about the 5 year old kid that walked out of school and was confronted by Maryland Police.
Body cam footage showed an officer yelled at the boy repeatedly while he cried, and was even handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car.
The family did file a lawsuit which now seems to be settled.  Per Fox 5 DC The settlement will pay $275,000 to Shanta Grant: $220,000 of it being paid on behalf of Officers Dionne Holiday and Kevin Christmon and $55,000 paid on behalf of the Board of Education.
County Executive said in a statement the situation calls for additional training and has led to changes in officer training, incident reporting processes, and clarification of how officers should interact with students in our schools.
Source: The Root