THE BUZZ! Texas teen was told girls of color couldn’t do well. She’s graduating college at 14. Black Girl Magic History Update. Alena McQuarter, a 14-year-old from Florida, is a teenage prodigy. At 12 she completed high school. Then was the youngest NASA intern and the youngest Black individual to secure admission to medical school. […]

THE BUZZ!   NASA moon crew includes Baltimore County man, woman, Canadian, Black astronaut First up. NASA revealed it’s new moon crew. A woman, a Canadian, an African American, and a man from Baltimore County. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. Not NASA’s first moon crew in 50 years. A crew that was […]

THE BUZZ! Artemis I launch scrubbed after engine issue One of the biggest trending stories of the day is the Artemis launch. Artemis is NASA’s most powerful rocket ever built and it was sent to launch today. But that won’t happen because the most powerful rocket ever built has issues. The launch was postponed today […]

Will Sending Aliens Nudes Lure Them to Us? NASA Thinks so Today is National Astronaut day and NASA is on a mission to make contact with intelligent life. So their plan, send nude pictures of humans to space. The pics though are not graphic they are more like illustrations and they also have DNA descriptions. […]

2 LAPD Officers Fired for Ignoring Call for Backup Because They Were Playing ‘Pokémon Go’ Now I’ve heard some funny stories how some people lost their job the top might be from Friday when Craig got fired on his day off but this might be just as silly. As two LAPD officers were relieved of […]

Students across US arrested for viral school threats ‘challenge’ So one of the scary things happening in this country is school shootings and they’re happening way too often. Now it seems to have become a viral challenge. Yes, there were people trying to make this a trend.  According to reports and local police over a […]

Good News

Legendary actress and activist Nichelle Nichols was honored by NASA for her transformative role in diversifying the space exploration industry.

The Buzz… Megan Thee Stallion Makes History With Leyna Bloom and Naomi Osaka on Sports Illustrated’s 2021 Swimsuit Issues Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been a very popular issue and landing on the cover is a big deal. Well  its latest release is even hotter than normal featuring The Hot Girl herself Megan The Stallion  […]

NASA engineer and mathematician Mary W. Jackson is finally getting her just due. On Wednesday (Jun 24) NASA announced plans to rename their headquarters located in Washington DC after the first Black female aerospace engineer Mary W. Jackson. Jackson, who was the agency's first American American female engineer in 1958, opened up opportunities for countless women of color in STEM who followed in her footsteps.

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On this day in 1978, NASA graduated its first group of Space Shuttle astronauts which signaled a new day for the space program. Among the group of 35, three Black men went on to leave their mark on history as explorers of space. Maj. Frederick D. Gregory of Washington, Col. Guion Bluford of Pennsylvania, and […]