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2 LAPD Officers Fired for Ignoring Call for Backup Because They Were Playing ‘Pokémon


Now I’ve heard some funny stories how some people lost their job the top might be from Friday when Craig got fired on his day off but this might be just as silly. As two LAPD officers were relieved of their duties because they chose to play Pokemon go instead of responding to a request for backup.
The two officers were radioed to assist their captain in a robbery but later said they didn’t hear the request due to a lot of noise and loud music in the area.

Video footage later showed the two debating whether to respond one saying I don’t want to be his help then the other said screw it and proceeded to pursue a pokemon and spent the next 20 minutes talking about their love for the game.
The two officers were charged with six counts of on-duty misconduct and terminated. And recently had their appeal for reinstatement denied.
Imagine these two coming to your rescue.
Source: Complex

Asteroid larger than Empire State Building to blast ‘near Earth’ at 50,000mph

No one is talking about this but did you know that there is an asteroid that is about to fly past earth this week and its one of the closest to ever pass our planet.
The asteroidknown as 7482 will pass Earth on January 18th and its huge. This space rock is more than double the size of the Empire State building and moving pretty fast we’re talking about like 50,000 miles per hour.
Even though it is technically being called a close approach it is still pretty far away. According to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid is expected to pass at a distance of 0.013 astronomical units, which is equivalent to around 1.2 million miles. The say that distance is about five times as far away from Earth as the moon is.
But if you want, you can see the asteroid according to the EarthSky website Observers can use a computerized telescope to detect the asteroid by pointing the device at the reference star HIP 8210.
Star HIP 8210…I hope they have a space GPS to help me find where that is.
Source: Newsweek

Here’s why grocery stores are struggling to stock their empty shelves

Ok so you might have gone to the grocery store recently and found out that there is not too much on the shelves. Its something that is happening here in Maryland and across the country. Here’s why: Pandemic, labor shortages, and weather. All three are affecting supermarkets getting products delivered and on their shelves.
First the pandemic has limited the amount of employees that can work in manufacturing and production plants and the virus continues to sicken workers and creates staffing shortages. Labor shortages are also due to workers not returning to lower wage jobs. Plus a shortage of truck drivers, recent severe weather conditions, and climate change destroying crops,  have all added to delays in delivery.
Hopefully this gets better before it gets worse.
Source: CNN Business
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