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Students across US arrested for viral school threats ‘challenge’

So one of the scary things happening in this country is school shootings and they’re happening way too often. Now it seems to have become a viral challenge. Yes, there were people trying to make this a trend.  According to reports and local police over a dozen teens were arrested in multiple states for their alleged participation in making threats of violence against local schools.
The boys arrested were all between the ages of 13 to 16 across states such as Connecticut, California, Florida, Illinois,  Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and even right here in Maryland. Some school districts even cancelled classes due to the rumors and threats like the one in Lee County Florida that allegedly came from a 13-year-old who sent a Snapchat “indicating he was going to shoot black students” at a Fort Myers private schools.

The Lee County Sherrif said “Threats — real or fake — have consequences, and the safety of our children is my top priority,” and “Anyone, no matter who they are, that issues a threat… will be tracked down, and you will go to jail.”
Source: NY Post

NASA solar probe becomes first spacecraft to ‘touch’ the sun

There’s a saying that nothing is impossible and after NASA’s new claim it truly might be true. They say they have touched the Sun. yes,  more specifically they say The Parker Solar Probe has successfully flown through the sun’s corona, or upper atmosphere, to sample particles and our star’s magnetic fields.
An associate administrator for NASA said “Parker Solar Probe ‘touching the Sun’ is a monumental moment for solar science and a truly remarkable feat. Not only does this milestone provide us with deeper insights into our Sun’s evolution and (its) impacts on our solar system, but everything we learn about our own star also teaches us more about stars in the rest of the universe.”
They say the 4-inch-thick carbon-composite solar shields will have to withstand temperatures close to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit when closest to the sun but everything on  the inside of the spacecraft will remain at a comfortable room temperature.
Source: ABC



So its holiday season and about this time of year there are a lot of people who take pics with Santa at the mall. But how many of them get arrested for it. Well that is exactly what happened to these two young men in a Louisiana mall.
According to WAFB two men at the Mall of Louisiana, took some snaps with Santa, and one of them appears to hold a gun while both show off wads of cash in a series of pictures that caught the attention of local authorities.
Both men were arrested for outstanding warrants in Texas and are waiting to be extradited. One of the men has an outstanding warrant for charges of aggravated assault as well as a parole violation. And you can add to that bringing a gun to a public mall.
Not sure if they’re on the naughty list but definitely on the we didn’t think this through list.
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