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Megan Thee Stallion Makes History With Leyna Bloom and Naomi Osaka on Sports Illustrated’s 2021 Swimsuit Issues

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been a very popular issue and landing on the cover is a big deal. Well  its latest release is even hotter than normal featuring The Hot Girl herself Megan The Stallion  who is now the first female rapper to grace the cover and she is not the only first for this historic edition. Naomi Osaka is also featured and is now the first black female athlete to be featured on the cover and they say three is the magic number because there is another first happening in this historic edition. Leyna Bloom is also featured and becomes the first transgender women to star on sports illustrated’s swimsuit cover.

Sports Illustrated got black, hot, and progressive.

Source: The Root


Civilians in Space

Well when it comes to first another one was accomplished today as the richest man in the world today, Jeff Bezos, went to space and took three other civilians along with him. One was his brother and best friend and two history making individuals.  Another was Wally Funk she becomes the oldest person to launch into space at the age of 82 years old  after going through astronaut testing in the early 1960’s, but was denied the chance to ever make it in to space.  Then three was the runner up from a $28 million auction, Oliver Daemen, who is now the youngest person to launch into space at the age of 18 years old.

The Blue Origin’s space launch was successful and went without issue as the historic trip took them to the edge of space this morning, to float in microgravity for a couple minutes, and quickly return to Earth.

The future is calling…

Source: CNBC


New Bill To Protect Baltimore Renters.

Now back in Town…there is a new bill that will help protect renters against eviction. The bill went into effect yesterday and is intended to combat a potential housing crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The “just cause” bill requires landlords to provide a codified reason for not renewing a lease when a tenant’s lease expires.

 according to the bill…Landlords must now offer tenants a chance to renew their leases at least 75 days before it expires. The lease cannot be subject to a “retaliatory” increase in the rent or change the previous lease terms significantly

City Councilman Antonio “Tony” Glover, the bill’s lead sponsor, said “When I learned that landlords found a loophole in the eviction moratorium and were kicking tenants behind on their rent out of their homes when their leases expired, I stepped up alongside housing advocates to formulate a plan to protect them.

Source: Baltimore Sun


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