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In the fight to be ‘the next Oprah,’ Jennifer Hudson is counting on one weapon: herself

Oprah has made such a name for herself in this industry. And when it comes to talk shows she is  the standard and the mark to attain.
And as time goes you might wonder will there be another person to kind of take on that role.
Jennifer Hudson says she is ready to take on the challenge and says she is counting on herself.
The youngest female EGOT winner in history will turn 41 on September 12th and will spend her birthday premiering her new daytime talk show.

As for the show, J Hud said “There will obviously be music and entertainment.”  “There will be everyday people, and there will be celebrities. I want to make it an experience for everyone. It’s like when I’m performing. I don’t just want to sing you a song. I want you to be a part of it. This is your event. I want you to celebrate it. I want it to be our journey together.”
Get ready for the Jennifer Hudson Show which will air in 96% of the country.
Source: LA Times

Looking for a deal on a car? California may offer $1,000 tax break for not buying one

 Did you know there are over 28 million cars on the road in California alone.
So the state is offering people some benefits to not get one.
California Legislature just passed a bill offering a $1,000 tax break to households that don’t have any cars.
The new bill is all part of an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.
The senator who wrote the bill called it an attempt to get motorists to trade their cars for buses and other forms of transit. “We can invest in the future by providing financial incentives for Californians to transition from vehicles to more sustainable options.
Keep in mind California already offers rebates of as much as $7,000 when buying electric or plug in hybrid vehicles. 
Would you trade in your car for public transportation?
Source: MSN

Family members of infant found, police say

Back in town.
There was a baby half clothed in a stroller found in Southeast Baltimore.
Police said someone found the infant in an alleyway off the 1500 block of Broening Highway and was taken to the Southeastern District police station.
They announced that the family of the infant was found.
And maybe we’ll find out more about what that situation was all about.
I am very happy the child is OK and this story didn’t have a different narrative.
Source: WBAL