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Mom gives birth to twins with different dads after sex with 2 men on same day

You’ve heard the phrase one in a million chance.
This is a story of a 19 year old Brazilian women who had a one in a million conception.
After having sex with two men in one day. She gave birth to twins 9 months later.
Not sure who the Father was, she asked one of them to take a paternity test. It came back positive but only for one of the twins.
And although it sounds crazy it is not impossible.
Her physician admitted he never thought he would see a situation like this in his lifetime as it’s “one in a million” — and claims there are only about 20 other instances in the world like it.

According to the journal Biomedica, Heteropaternal superfecundation “is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs when a second ova released during the same menstrual cycle is additionally fertilized by the sperm cells of a different man in separate sexual intercourse,”
Director of obstetrics told CNN , “Since an egg has a life span of 12 to 48 hours and a sperm is viable for seven to 10 days, there is about a week’s time for potential overlap and the fertilization of two eggs by two sperm from two separate acts of intercourse with different men.
Who knew.
Source: NY Post

Alabama is jailing pregnant marijuana users to ‘protect’ fetuses

Speaking of pregnancies.
The Supreme court’s reversal of Roe vs Wade is having some residual effects in certain states.
In Alabama, pregnant woman who are being arrested for marijuana possession or drug offenses are not being granted bail.
instead they hey have to stay in state custody: either in jail, or in a residential drug rehab program.
The idea is that these women pose a danger to their fetuses and the state is protecting the unborn child by detaining these women.
The National Advocates for Pregnant Women


tweeted that No state prosecutes more pregnant people than AL, and Etowah County leads with more than 150 cases in recent years. As many as 12 women are currently held in the Etowah County Jail under harsh conditions and are in need of support.

Source: The Guardian

Ray J Says Kris Jenner Watched, Hand-Picked Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian

Ray J is upset, speaking out and dropping receipts.
We know about the Kim Kardashian sex tape that took place with her and Ray J.
But there looks like there is more to the story about what happened behind the scenes.
Kim’s Mother, Kris had always been rumored to have been more involved with the release of the sex tape.
So on The Late Late Show With James Corden she took a polygraph test and was asked whether she had a hand in the release of the tape.
After answering no, the man administering the test confirmed she was telling the truth. She said glad we could clear that up.
Ray J, however is saying something different.
In an Instagram post, he said there were actually three sex tapes and Kim’s Mother allegedly watched all of them and picked which one to release.
He also showed his contract with the adult entertainment distributor.
And didn’t stop there. He pulled out text messages and even alleges that Kardashian and Jenner signed his name on the contract.
Wow… who do you believe?
Source: Newsweek