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Why Are People Sunning Their Arseholes on TikTok?

Have you heard about the Tik Tok trend that has people putting their legs up and pointing their bare butts at the sun?
Its called perineum sunning, or sunning your hole and it has more and more people trying it.
The trend has people getting some sunlight where the sun doesn’t normally shine.  Advocates of the act are saying doing it a couple minutes a day is energizing, and makes your energy levels surge.

One tik tok user said, it’s a feeling you can’t really describe unless you experience it,” “it’s like the sunlight fills your being from the bottom up.”
However, one doctor recently posted a video on tik tok speaking of the dangers of sunning your hole and exposing that thin layer of skin down there to the sun.
He said, “Please don’t harvest solar energy with your butthole.”  “The perineum is an area of thin tissue between your back passage and your genitals. The reason it’s called the area where your ‘sun don’t shine’ is because biology and evolution made sure that it was hidden away. The rays from the sun can increase the risk of burning, irritation and skin cancers.”
A different meaning for suns out buns out.
Tik Tok as entertaining as it can be at times can have you out here looking silly and potentially harming yourself.

IRS sent over $1 billion in child tax credit payments to ineligible households: audit

The Internal Revenue Service usually comes after you when you don’t take care of your taxes properly.
But what happens when the IRS messes up?
That is the situation the IRS is facing after an audit that discovered some errors.
They sent over $1 billion in child tax credit payments last year to millions of Americans who weren’t eligible.
The audit also found while 3.3 million payments shouldn’t have been sent between July and November of last year, the IRS also failed to send payments worth $3.7 billion to the more than 4 million taxpayers who were eligible.
The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report stated, “The wrongly delivered payments went to 1.5 million ineligible taxpayers in instances where “a dependent did not meet age requirements, was deceased, or was claimed on another tax return.”
Source: NY Post

Mystikal made victim pray with him before allegedly raping her

Mystikal we have heard is again facing alleged sexual assault charges for the third time.
Charged with first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery, strangulation, and robbery. As well as illegal possession of Xanax, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.
This time he is facing life in prison if found guilty.
But there are more details coming out about this latest incident ahead of his upcoming trial.
According to, Mystikal allegedly made the woman he is charged with victimizing pray with him and also poured rubbing alcohol on her to rid her of “bad spirits” before reportedly sexually assaulting her.
Mystikal is fighting the allegations. He has denied the charges and entered a plea of not guilty.
His attorney told the media that the woman is trying to shake him down for $1000 and allegedly threatened to accuse Mystikal of rape if he didn’t hand over the money.
Who do you believe? We’ll see how this turns out.
Source: Rolling Out