THE BUZZ! Mattel is hiring a ‘Chief Uno Player’ to test its new game for $17,000—here’s how to apply A potential new job opportunity. Mattel’s toy company wants to know if you are the UNO for this new position. They are hiring a Chief UNO Player to promote their new game, UNO Quatro. The job […]

THE BUZZ! $7,000 a day for five catchphrases: the TikTokers pretending to be ‘non-playable characters’ First, Human imagination and social media are always generating new trends. Some of these can provide innovative and lucrative revenue streams. For example, as a real person playing a video game character impersonating a human being, you can earn a […]

THE BUZZ!   White Lawyer Fired For Allegedly Snatching Wig Off The Head Of A Black Woman First. If you gon’ learn today was a person. An intoxicated white man in NYC snatched a black woman’s wig. She confronted him, yelling why. He smirked. A friend tried to get him to apologize, but he refused. […]

THE BUZZ! Seattle Public Schools sue TikTok, Meta for youth mental health crisis The biggest school district in Seattle is coming for some social media companies. Alleging that they contribute to the mental health crisis of kids. The Seattle Public Schools filed a lawsuit against media companies behind TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat alleging their platforms […]

THE BUZZ! Why Are People Sunning Their Arseholes on TikTok? Have you heard about the Tik Tok trend that has people putting their legs up and pointing their bare butts at the sun? Its called perineum sunning, or sunning your hole and it has more and more people trying it. The trend has people getting […]

2022 Oscars Nominations: Will Smith And Denzel Washington To Face Off, Beyoncé’s First Nod, And More Its award season and the Oscar nominations were just announced and Denzel Washington and Will Smith will be going up against each other again for Best Actor. The first time was in 2002 when Denzel won Best Actor for […]

Beyoncé Starts A TikTok Account, Sparking Conversations Of New Music Beyonce is buzzing after she started a Tik Tok account.  The account was confirmed by Tidal who stated Beyonce has entered the chat with a screenshot of her account. Since her account began just a few days ago she is now almost at 800 thousand followers. […]

The Buzz: IG Getting Remixed Instagram is Changing…according to the head of IG…The Gram no longer wants to be thought of as the “square photo-sharing app,” but instead as a general entertainment app driven by algorithms and videos. He said the company is looking to lean into entertainment and video after seeing the success of competitors like Tik Tok […]

Now you might not know her by name…Sarah Cooper, but you’ve probably seen her videos on social media lip syncing to some of trumps statements. Well, her videos have gone viral and since march, the best-selling author and comedian, a Jamaican American (big up to the Caribbean massive), has amassed millions of followers and now…..a Netflix […]

This viral video reminds us that there is no one way to be a sista; our possibilities and beauty are limitless.