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IG Getting Remixed

Instagram is Changing…according to the head of IG…The Gram no longer wants to be thought of as the “square photo-sharing app,” but instead as a general entertainment app driven by algorithms and videos. He said the company is looking to lean into entertainment and video after seeing the success of competitors like Tik Tok and YouTube. 

He also said that at Instagram we’re always trying to build new features that help you get the most out of your experience. Right now we’re focused on four key areas: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging.

So get ready for some upcoming changes.

Source: The Verge


New NCAA Decision On Collegiate Athletes Earning While In School

NCAA has made a huge decision that will allow collegiate athletes to now earn money during their college career. The new decision allow its athletes to profit from their names, likeness, and images starting Thursday (July 1). So Athletes in all three divisions  which is over 460,000 athletes will now have the opportunity to make money.  Now we know some of these athletes have really huge fan bases and are used by the schools to sell tickets, jerseys, and all kinds of merchandise for millions and billions of dollars. 

NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a news release.

The policy remains under interim status while the NCAA works with Congress and states to come up with a national framework. “The current environment — both legal and legislative — prevents us from providing a more permanent solution 

So big news for college athletes moving forward.

Source: CNN


Getting Ready For Blank Panther The Sequel

Black Panther Is Closer to hitting the big screen as production and shooting has begun on Wakanda Forever the follow up sequel to the blockbuster hit movie, Black Panther. 

And although it was confirmed that Chad Boesman wont be recast, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige said “It’s clearly very emotional without Chad,” “But everyone is also very excited to bring the world of Wakanda back to the public and back to the fans. We’re going to do it in a way that would make Chad proud.”

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to be released on July 8, 2022

Source: Vibe

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