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Woman Goes To The Dominican Republic For A Brazilian Butt Lift, Leaves Missing A Kidney

There are a lot of things women do for beauty.  Some women and men nowadays are going under the knife to enhance their bodies.
One very popular procedure is called the BBL, a Brazilian Butt Lift, in which women can get a flat stomach, hips, and a shapely derriere.
Many choose to travel outside of the U.S. to get the work done because it ‘s cheaper.
But cheaper doesn’t always mean safer.

One life coach shared the story of a friend who traveled to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery from a doctor she found on Instagram.
After seeing this girl’s IG post about this doctor, she decided to do it.
She said her friend paid $3500 for the procedure and returned to the states for a post-op physical.  She was told that blood results showed her “kidney count was low.”
The doctor ordered a CAT scan which revealed she had only one kidney.
This doctor had taken her kidney.
She has sine been unable to get in touch with the doctor or even the girl who posted about him.
Glad she is still alive, but can you imagine.
You gotta so your research. And all these things on IG are really just trying to get your money.
You gotta be more careful.
Source: Yahoo

Akon Recalls ‘Painful Part’ of Undergoing $7,500 Hair Transplant in Turkey

And  I told you women are not the only one travelling to get work done.
Akon is trending for the work he had done. The rapper traveled to Turkey for a hair transplant.
In an interview with bootleg Kev he spoke on getting the procedure done.. The procedure cost him $7500 but he says in the U.S. it would’ve been $50,000.
He also mentioned that the most painful part was the numbing process where they would stick him with a large needle.
Since the news broke about the hair transplant social media has taken to the jokes. Memes are very plentiful and are floating all over.
So Akon didn’t get upset, he joined in. Actually putting out some memes of himself and told folks to keep them coming.
Great sense of humor I guess. But maybe not a great hairline.
You have to see the before and after pics
Source: Complex


Alright, if you live in a major city. More than likely you have seen a city rat. And more than likely you have a crazy rat They are not like your house mouse.
City rats might be a little larger, a little nastier, and meaner.
But every year Orkin releases its list of the cities with the most rat population. They ranked metro regions by the number of new rodent treatments performed from September 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022.
And for the eight year in a row the number one spot goes to The Windy City,
Yes, Chicago is Orkin’s rattiest city again.
As for Charm City, its a little more charming as we fell one spot from last years ranking, down from 6 to number 7.
and less rats, I’l take it.
Source: Orkin