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Cops wearing ‘Marvel’ costumes bust drug gang

 Real live crime fighting super heroes do exist. Just maybe not with all the super powers.
On Halloween four Peruvian officers disguised as marvel super heroes made a huge drug bust.
Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow were undercover and blended in with all the trick or treaters. Meanwhile they were all  working on their mission, an operation they called Marvel.
The superheroes patrolled one of the most dangerous areas in Peru. Once the house the were looking for was located, they kicked in the door in their costumes.

The suspects reportedly thought it was a prank until other officers in costumes and guns also came in to the house.
Three men and one woman were arrested in the raid, where cops successfully seized 3,250 small packages of basic cocaine paste; a crude extract of the coca leaf; and 287 bags of cocaine along with 127 bags of marijuana.
Avengers Assemble.
Source: NY Post

Maryland family shocked after buying prop casket holding dead woman’s ashes

Halloween might be over. But the stories are still rolling in.
Like this family in Maryland who bought a prop casket for decoration but got more than they paid for.
The family ordered the casket from Facebook marketplace and when it arrived they were shocked at what was inside.
When they opened it they found the remains of a 74 yer old woman who was cremated after passing from Covid-19.
Also in the casket ws the woman’s death certificate, a hospital bracelet, and an envelope containing what the is believed to be her ashes.
They were able to contact  the daughter of the woman. She told the local outlet that her mother was a 74-year-old community pastor who died alone since family members couldn’t be with her while she was suffering from COVID-19.
She added that they rented the display casket through Freeman Funeral Services in Clinton, Maryland for her mother’s service and had her cremated after.
As for how the casket ended up on the marketplace, that still remains a mystery.
Source: NY Post

What to expect from the Federal Reserve meeting

There is no mystery about that we are experiencing inflation in this country.  And the U.S. economy might be in for more.
In a battle to bring down the inflation that is plaguing the US economy. The Federal Reserve is expected to make a fourth straight rate hike of three-quarters of a percentage point.
The move is a historic one as the central bank’s benchmark lending rate from 3.75% to 4% would be the highest the fed funds rate has been since January 2008.
Reported to be the Fed’s toughest policy move since the 1980’s. One that will likely increase economic difficulties for millions of American businesses and households by pushing up the cost of borrowing even further.
Federal Reserve Chairman said, last month that no one knows if the rate hikes will cause a recession, or how deep that recession might be.
Be sure to start saving those coins.
Source: CNN