THE BUZZ! Cops wearing ‘Marvel’ costumes bust drug gang  Real live crime fighting super heroes do exist. Just maybe not with all the super powers. On Halloween four Peruvian officers disguised as marvel super heroes made a huge drug bust. Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow were undercover and blended in with all the trick or […]

Baltimore police officer faces federal charges on drug distribution to motorcycle club Corruption is nothing new but you hate to hear it, especially in certain fields like policing, a job that needs the trust from the community to be successful. And when stories like the Gun Trace Task Force and other police misconduct concerns are […]

BPD sergeant struck, dragged by vehicle is on life support, police say Here in town there is a Baltimore Police Sargent who is fighting for his life after being  hit and then dragged by a car for two blocks. The incident took place in the 5100 block of Park Heights Avenue where police say the […]

Harvard Creates Fund to Redress Its Ties to Slavery So Harvard University is trying to atone for their involvement in slavery. They published a report saying that since it began in 1636 they found that their faculty and staff enslaved 70 people up until the banning of slavery in 1783. These slaves stayed on campus […]

If someone out there is looking for their 31 bricks that washed up on a beach in Alabama, rest assured, it is in safe hands. Police in Alabama say beachgoers stumbled across the 66 pounds of cocaine, wrapped in bundles, during a Monday night outing along the shore. The massive find has a street value […]

Dwight Gooden, a standout player for the New York Mets, famously battled cocaine and alcohol addiction during and well after his playing days. The 54-year-old New Jersey resident was arrested last month on June 7 for cocaine in yet another high-profile incident related to his drug abuse. New York Post reports: The June 7 arrest […]

Local breaking news hit this afternoon as NBC Philadelphia and other outlets are reporting on a billion dollar drug bust happened at he Philadelphia Shipping Yard. It’s said that over 15,500 Kilos of Cocaine were seized from seven containers, which were aboard a cargo ship. The ship had previously traveled from Chile, Panama, and the […]

A Georgia man has been sentenced to serve nearly two decades in prison for smuggling cocaine in children’s toys through the United States Postal Service. According to, Marlon Matthew Pittman was sentenced to 17 years in prison. According to reports Pittman, 45, will also have to serve eight years on probation and give up […]

A woman’s bizarre actions elsewhere in the world are making international headlines.

Police reportedly arrested a woman in Kentucky after her 4-year-old daughter became unresponsive at school. ABC11 reports the child tested positive for cocaine, and so did her 2-year-old brother. Police say the entire incident happened Thursday at a head start school. According to reports the little girl wasn’t feeling well and when staff put her […]