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Lab-grown blood given to humans in world-first trial aimed at combatting rare disorders

Sometimes you hear about some of the things scientists and researchers are trying to do.
Like these researchers from London they have grown blood in a lab. And for the first time have transfused it into humans.
The researchers say the landmark clinical trial could significantly improve treatment for people with blood disorders and rare blood types.

The aim, they said is not to replace regular human blood donations, which will continue to make up the majority of transfusions. But the technology could allow scientists to manufacture very rare blood types which are difficult to source but which are vital for people who depend on regular blood transfusions for conditions such as sickle cell anemia.
The report says a typical blood donation contains a mixture of young and old red blood cells, meaning their lifespan can be unpredictable and sub-optimal. Lab-grown blood is freshly made, meaning it should last the 120 days expected of red blood cells.
Feel like an episode of True Blood.
Source: CNBC

Lottery officials announce winning Powerball numbers after Monday’s drawing was delayed

One of the big stories of the say is the delay of one of the biggest powerball drawings. The jackpot rolled over to a whopping $1.9 billion.
But then after a delay the jackpot increased even more to $2.04 Billion.
The Multi-State Lottery Association said in a statement the delay was due to one participating lottery that needed more time to process its sales and play data,
They did not disclose which state caused the delay, but the wait is over.
The winning lottery numbers are are 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and Powerball of 10.  Now you can check your tickets to see if you are multi millionaire.
The cash value is $929.1 million.
Good luck
Source: CNN


A Nigerian influencer who was known for flaunting photos of watches, jets, and clothes on Instagram has been sentenced to 11 years for money laundering and fraud

And another one bites the dust.

I’m talking about the Nigerian influencer known as hushpuppi, on Instagram, who was one of those influencers on social media showing off a lavish lifestyle. All the while money laundering and commuting fraud.
According to a statement from the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California they said he was sentenced to 135 months in jail. He also has to pay $1.7 million in restitution to two fraud victims.

He was doing big money scams. Like working with someone to launder $14.7 million that North Korean hackers stole from a bank. Or the plan he had to defraud a businessman in Qatar who tried to loan $15 million to build a school.

All the time what they show is not really what it is, especially on social media.
Don’t believe everything you see and hear.
Source: Yahoo