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Baltimore County pays $3 million to resolve dispute with city over water bill

Now here in town.
There is lot of discrepancy when it comes to water bills and how much is actually owed by residents.
Baltimore County who shares a drinking water and sewer system operated by the city’s public works department have some bill disputes of their own.
And refused to pay money owed for water delivery between 2014 and 2018.
Well they have come to a resolution. And the county is paying $3 million to Baltimore City for unpaid water bills.
And you might say that is a lot of money. It’s actually a small amount of what is owed.

The Department of Public Works hit the County with a $22 million bill back in 2018 to recover years of undercharged water service.
The director of the Baltimore City DPW said “The city and the county have been working really well together to solve many of the outstanding issues” that began under prior government administrations.
Man if we can start working together we can really make a difference for who really counts, the people.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend settles lawsuits over shooting

Breonna Taylor’s we won’t forget the tragic incident that took her life away.
Ther has been some updates regarding her boyfriend Walker.
He filed a lawsuit in Federal and state court.
Two of those lawsuits against the city of Louisville have been settled.
According to his attorney. the city has agreed to pay Walker $2 million in a settlement.
And it looks like he already has plans on what to do with that money.
He plans to set up a scholarship fund for law school students interested in practicing civil rights law.
And contribute to the Center for Innovations in Community Safety, a police and community reform Center at Georgetown Law School.
Source: The Griot


Demetrius Flenory Jr.
You might now know him by that name. You might know him as Meech. The the name of his character on the hit show BMF.
Well news just broke that he got into a little situation at an airport in Florida.
Security found an unloaded gun in his carry on luggage, a 9 mm Glock 19 and a 15 round magazine.
The report says he does not have a carry permit.
We’ll see how this turns out for Lil Meech.
Source: TMZ