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Fatal shooting of 13-year-old Karon Blake in DC sparks call for answers

A 13 year old boy shot and killed in Washington D.C.

Local officials, activist groups, community members, and a family demand action.
The Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement, Karon Blake, 13, was killed early Saturday by a man who told police he saw Karon “tampering with vehicles.”
Folks are mad and are demanding justice. They want the shooter identified and arrested.
The Police Chief said the shooter is Black, but not a law enforcement officer and does have a license to carry a concealed weapon.

He added detectives are investigating the shooting. Facts will be presented to the United States Attorney’s Office and a grand jury, who will decide if criminal charges should be filed.
More details to come and we’ll see how this case goes.

Source: USA Today




An ailing Arkansas city elected an 18-year-old Mayor to turn things around

One African American teen has lost his life.
This teen is making the most of his.
I’m talking about Jaylen Smith an 18 year old young man from Earle, Arkansas.
He’s a high school graduate and the city’s Mayor.
Yes, this young brother decided to run for Mayor of his city and won.
One council member said, “He was a fixture at City Council meetings and community events.”  She added, “Sometimes, when the City Council members didn’t show up, Jaylen was there.”
“Jaylen attends the school board meetings, the water commission meetings,” she added. “He was young and he was doing this — who does that? At a young age, he had purpose.”
Great story and a great start for this young man.

Twitter considers auctioning off user names to generate new revenue after Elon Musk’s $44B takeover

Ok so moving on. Are you a Twitter user?
Twitter is making headlines again. Now they are considering a move to increase some revenue and to help with some company debt.
The potential plan may not be a popular one with users.
Twitter is reportedly considering proposals to auction off user names.
Now it is unclear whether the proposal to auction user names would apply to all user names, or only those that are unclaimed or otherwise inactive.
They already introduced the Twitter Blue subscription that costs $7.99 so you can get that certified blue check. Now this.
And I’m sure there will be more surprises coming from Twitter as they try to figure it all out.
Source: Daily Mail