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22-Year-Old Basketball Coach Fired After Allegedly Posing as 13-Year-Old Player During Game

Our first headline takes us to Virginia.
What happened to make a 22 year old basketball coach to lose their job.
How about allegedly impersonating a 13 year old player during a game.
One of the players on the team wasn’t available to play. So the coach pretended to be that player and played in the game.
There is even video of the coach high fiving teammates after making some plays in the game.
It was announced that the coach was relieved of her duties and the team will not play any more games this season.

The Father of the impersonated girl said, his daughter will be leaving Churchland High next year and that they would be seeking a formal apology from the school.
Not sure what she was thinking. Was she trying to relive some moments from her glory days.
Source: Complex

Police Were Called on Black Girl For Spraying Lanternflies, Now Yale Celebrates Her Brilliance

Next up is a story of a 9 year old black girl who was in her neighborhood spraying destructive lanternflies to save trees where she lived.
Police received a call on a non emergency line from a neighbor who was scared about a “little Black woman, walking, spraying stuff on the sidewalks and trees.”
Bobbi Wonder had the cops called on her for doing something that benefited everyone in that neighborhood is being celebrated.
Yale University is recognizing her for eradicating spotted lanternflies in her hometown.
A Public Health Assistant Professor at the school said “Yale doesn’t normally do anything like this.”
“This is something unique to Bobbi. We wanted to show her bravery and how inspiring she is, and we just want to make sure she continues to feel honored and loved by the Yale community.”
The New Jersey police honored her as well.
Glad this happened.
Through a racist lens they saw a nuisance and a threat. What was truly there was a talent and an inspiration.
Congrats to her.
Source: The Root

College Board unveils official framework for new AP African American studies course

Florida and its Governor Ron Desantis blocked an AP African American studies course. They claim it had a political agenda.
Now there is a new course for them to review..
The adjusted course divides topics into four major units:
  • Origins of the African Diaspora
  • Freedom,
  • Enslavement
  • Resistance,” “The Practice of Freedom,” and “Movements and Debates.”
Missing are intersectionality and activism, Black queer studies, Movements for Black Lives, Black feminist literary thought, reparations, and Black study and Black struggle in the 21st century.
The reparations debate, gay life and expression in Black communities, and Black Lives Matter are only examples of the topics that students can pick for research projects.
The new course framework developed by over 300 African American studies professors and faculty from HBCUs.
We’ll see what Florida and DeSantis has to say about this one.
Source: CNN