THE BUZZ! Noah Knigga: High school sports star clears up how to pronounce his name in interview with Robert Griffin III after going viral online ahead of West Virginia college visit Lastly, Speaking of names. This two sport high school star is getting a lot of attention for his play on the field and on […]

THE BUZZ! Alabama band director tased and arrested after high school football game for refusing to stop performance, police say Next, A high school football game ends with a band director getting tased and arrested. According to a Birmingham Police Department spokesperson, when the football game was over, the police started clearing out the stadium and […]

THE BUZZ! 17-YEAR-OLD BLACK STUDENT COULD EARN HER TEACHING DEGREE BY AGE 19 Black excellence. Hannah Pearson is a 17-year-old college student from North Carolina aiming to become a licensed teacher before turning 19. She graduated from high school early and earned an associate of arts degree from Robeson Community College. Hannah is currently majoring […]

THE BUZZ! Massachusetts principal charged with spending nearly $40K of school funds on all-inclusive tropical vacations Most teachers and educators say they are underpaid. So how do they get more money? This 60 year old school principal decided to take it, allegedly. The former headmaster of New Mission High School in Boston, is facing wire fraud […]

THE BUZZ!   5 Florida high school staffers charged with failure to report teen’s sexual assault Five employees of the Palm Beach County, Florida, school district, have been charged with failing to report sexual abuse after being made aware of an alleged assault on a 15-year-old student. The incident took place in 2021 at Palm […]

THE BUZZ! Harvard morgue theft ring stole body parts, sold human flesh to be used as leather, officials say First. Authorities indicted a man, his wife, and two others for their involvement in stealing and selling human remains. The manager of Harvard Medical School’s morgue stands accused of personally stealing body parts from donated cadavers […]

THE BUZZ!     White People Deserve Reparations For Fighting Civil War, GOP Candidate Says First. Reparations has been a big topic recently in this country, but not a new one. Many people have different thoughts for or against it when it comes to giving African Americans money for this countries past atrocities with slavery. But […]

THE BUZZ!     22-Year-Old Basketball Coach Fired After Allegedly Posing as 13-Year-Old Player During Game Our first headline takes us to Virginia. What happened to make a 22 year old basketball coach to lose their job. How about allegedly impersonating a 13 year old player during a game. One of the players on the […]

THE BUZZ! ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in dramatic pandemic slide High school students are asked to take tests such as the SAT’s and or the ACT’s to gain admission to colleges and universities. But this year’s high school class is not performing as well. There is a significant drop […]

THE BUZZ! Students at more than 50 schools, universities stage reproductive justice protests Students at various high schools and universities across the country are staging protests and events today. They are calling it a day of student action. The movement organized by the Graduate Student Action Network is all about the fight for reproductive justice. The group […]