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U.S. Attorney Announces Federal Charges Against 47 Defendants in $250 Million Feeding Our Future Fraud Scheme

Yesterday the Department of Justice announced it uncovered the biggest pandemic fraud scheme to date.

They charged 47 individuals with stealing $250 million from the Federal Child Nutrition Program.
The indictments involve six groups, all connected to the group Feeding Our Future, a Minnesota nonprofit. The defendants are charged with federal crimes, including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and paying and receiving illegal kickbacks.
According to the DOJ, the defendants used the proceeds of their fraudulent scheme to purchase luxury vehicles, to fund international travel and to buy residential and commercial real estate in Minnesota, Ohio and Kentucky and in Kenya and Turkey.
Stealing is bad in itself, but stealing from undeserved children. That’s low.

Woodlawn High School student in custody after altercation with police caught on camera

Speaking of kids.

You might have heard the story or seen the video on social media of the student who got into an altercation with a Baltimore police officer.
Well the video shows an officer shove a 17 year old young man who then squares up and takes off his book bag. The two lock up and the officer takes him to the ground and then lands some blows to the young man’s head.
That video got a lot of people upset about the force used by the officer. But police say the video only shows half the story and that they were provoked.
According to police charging documents, the person on the ground was a 17-year-old who tried to interfere with the arrest of someone with a ghost gun
He was released to his Mother but did not disclose what his charges were.
Throughout all of this officers did recover a weapon. A a gray-and-black Polymer80 handgun without a serial number, which they identified as a ghost gun.
They also identified a person of interest who is a senior at Woodlawn High School.
These kids should be learning, having fun, laughing and enjoying their youth. Not this.
Source: WBAL

Letitia James’ ‘Major Announcement’ Prompts Trump Fraud Lawsuit Speculation

Talking about persons of interest. Donald Trump has been the definition of that.
New York Attorney General, Letitia James has been investigating Trump’s business affairs.
James issued a media alert stating she will hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. without providing further details.
The announcement was that she filed a sweeping lawsuit Wednesday against former President Donald Trump, three of his adult children and the Trump Organization.
According to the lawsuit, the Trump Organization deceived lenders, insurers and tax authorities by inflating the value of his properties using misleading appraisals.

James is seeking $250 million in allegedly ill-gotten funds. She wants to permanently bar Trump and the children named in the lawsuit from serving as the director of a business registered in New York state.

She is also seeking to cancel the Trump Organization’s corporate certificate, which, if granted by a judge, could effectively force the company to cease operations in New York state.

Source: Newsweek  / CNN