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Permit to buy handgun no longer required in North Carolina

First up.
The country is still reeling from the latest school mass shooting that took the lives of 3 children and 3 adults.
The suspect was aid to own like 7 guns legally. She even had emotional disorder.
In some states getting a legal firearm is not that difficult. Some don’t even do background checks.
But in North Carolina it just got even easier.
Republican-controlled legislature overrode the Democratic governor’s veto which eliminates the permit system. A system that required sheriffs to perform character evaluations and criminal history checks of pistol applicants.
That means North Carolina residents can now purchase a gun legally without a permit.
The changes take effect immediately after the The House voted 71-46 to enact the bill.
A bill that will also allow guns on some school properties where religious services are held, effective Dec. 1. The new law also creates and funds a two-year awareness campaign on the safe storage of firearms, which will distribute free gun locks.
Talk about adding gasoline to the fire. Yeah easier access to weapons is what needs to happen right now.
Source: AP News

One Of R. Kelly Victims Has Been Granted Access To His Royalties

R Kelly is back in the headlines after a decision was made about who gets some of his royalties.
There are a few judgements from people who are seeking money from Kelly.

But one of the women abused by R Kelly as a minor will get first dibs at some of his royalties.
She was awarded a judgement of $4 million after winning her case in 2020.
It wasn’t until this most recent ruling that things moved in her favor.
The court ordered Sony to give up “any funds currently in Kelly’s royalty account,” and to keep giving the royalties to her until the judgment is paid off.

Kelly’s attorney is not happy with the decision. She said, “I’ve never in my career seen such a flouting of the rules to deny him even the opportunity to defend these civil cases, even when the courts were fully aware that Kelly was incarcerated, unrepresented at points, and facing multiple criminal indictments,” Telling Billboard. “Indeed, much of these civil proceedings occurred without Kelly’s knowledge.”

They are taking all of his money. Remeber not long ago prosecutors confiscated all the money in his prison account almost $30,000.
Source: Blavity / Billboard

Water Plant Worker Arrested After Video Showed Him Urinating in Water Supply

Last but not least.
This story is not connected to the previous one. But, it does involve a man on video urinating.
Footage shows an employee at a water plant in Louisiana urinate in the water supply.
The video shows him walking up to a surveillance camera in an attempt to hide what was bout to happen. He then stands over the water for just over a minute, and then walks back to the camera to move it back to the position it was originally in.
That employee has been fired and was arrested on two counts of contaminating water supplies and two counts criminal damage to a critical infrastructure.
The company’s president said the urine did not pose a health issue to the local community and that all water samples taken to date are in good standing and meet all safe water drinking requirements.
What’s in your water?
Source: Complex