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I caught my stepdad subscribing to my OnlyFans and it ruined my mother’s marriage

An Onlyfans account leads to family trauma.
This OnlyFans model was left horrified after discovering that her number one fan was someone very close to home. A person who had been a part of her life since she was 11 years old. It was her step Father.
The model shared her story on a Tik Tok video in which she said she ruined her Mother’s marriage after finding out he spent almost $2,000 [Australian] on her content and had requested custom-made videos.
She said talk about family trauma, my step dad watch me have sex with my partner for two months.

The woman stated that her stepfather had left the family home and was no longer in contact with them. She also had him blocked on all social media networks.

She also advised those who make content to “be comfortable that it is highly likely someone from your school, gym, workplace or family is watching your every move.”
Now that’s not how you are suppose to show support for your kids.
Source: NY Post

YouTuber agrees to plead guilty to federal charge after intentionally crashing his plane for online views, DOJ says

Talking about content and views.
Some people will go all out for both.
For example this 29 year old you tuber is now in some hot water after he intentionally crashed a plane to gain views.

According to a news release from the US Attorney’s Office, he revealed to investigators that he intended to crash his jet in a video he made to advertise a wallet. Later, in order to keep federal investigators from entering the crash site, he collected and disposed of the plane’s debris.

He agreed to plead guilty to one count of obstructing a federal investigation by destroying and concealing evidence. In addition, he acknowledged to lying to federal authorities after submitting an aircraft accident event report, claiming the plane lost power around half an hour after taking off.

His pilot’s license was ultimately revoked, and he faces additional legal proceedings.
Anything for views.

Source: CNN

NRA sues Maryland moments after Moore signs conceal carry law

Back home.
Maryland is getting sued.
The NRA is not happy with some of the recent moves by our Governor Wes Moore, who recently signed the signed the Gun Safety Act of 2023.
The act also known as the state’s conceal carry law prohibits a person from wearing, carrying or transporting a gun onto certain property without the owner’s permission, like schools, government buildings and certain health care facilities.
Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown said new changes to the law are all apart of keeping Marylanders safe.
The NRA disagrees and are suing because this is illegal under the U.S. constitution.
A NRA spokesperson said  “Maryland previously had one of the most restrictive wear and carry permit schemes in the country. Now, in order to carry legally, Marylanders have to go through a process that’s somehow more burdensome, lengthy and expensive to get a permit, yet effectively doesn’t allow them to carry anywhere in the state.
So what’s more important saving lives or selling more guns.
Source: WBAL