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White Teen Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Trying Drown Black Teen While Calling Him ‘George Floyd’

First up

A 14-year-old white teenager in Massachusetts faces charges of attempted murder and assault for allegedly trying to drown a Black teenager in a racist attack. 
According to statements made by the victim and witnesses, the alleged attacker and another white teenager mocked and attacked a 15-year-old Black teenage boy at Goose Neck Pond.
The two white teenagers threw rocks at the victim and convinced him to join them in the water. The Black teen indicated he could not swim and wore a life jacket. Once in the water, one of the boys is said to have called him the N-word and attempted multiple times to pull him under the water.
When the victim began to shout that he couldn’t breathe, the other white teen apparently “started laughing and called me George Floyd, obviously making fun of me and showing NO remorse,” according to the victim’s statement. Another teenager who witnessed the incident also reported hearing one of the people say Floyd’s name.

Two other teens witnessed these events, and a teen intervened to stop the attack when the victim began to shout for help.
Prosecutors objected to the alleged attacker’s release on bail because they believe he still poses a threat. But his lawyer feels differently. He downplayed the incident at the pond, calling it “horseplay” and “a stupid act that went way too far.”

Hate is still a big problem in this country.

Source: Blavity