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Air Force turns to video games to help prepare members for real-life combat

First up

Can video games help someone prepare for the real world. The Air Force believes so.

The Air Force is assisting in the creation of an esports tournament to help service members better prepare for complicated combat scenarios.

According to,  is collaborating with MITRE, a nonprofit national security business, to create a tournament that MITRE believes will assist the service “better understand mission logistics choices and prioritization while under attack.”

They will require teams of players to play the game “Drone Guardians,” which simulates defending a deployed airport from invading enemies while maintaining the ability to launch aircraft missions.

The Air Force designed the game to gather data on how to keep real-world airbases secure and supplied, and save the lives of those tasked with defending them.

Our military has a long history of using video games in training, including a 1993 Super Nintendo game that the Army specifically designed to train soldiers for marksmanship.

The big difference though is video games have a restart or play again option if you fail.
Source: NY Post