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Baltimore prosecutor republishes police officer ‘Do Not Call’ list

One of those lists, you do not want to be on.
Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates has updated the “Do Not Call” list of Baltimore Police Department officers. Adding new names and some new criteria.

The list now includes 18 former officers tied to misconduct by the disbanded Gun Trace Task Force, 31 retired officers, and 11 currently employed officers.

As a result of Baltimore’s history of police misconduct, the state’s attorney released a list of unreliable officers. These officers will not be used to testify in court, ensuring accountability for police misconduct.

“We do not want to put officers on the witness stand that we don’t think are credible,” Bates said. “We also made sure the officers who are hard-working, who are the heart and soul of the BPD, that we honor them and the work that they do because they are good officers.”

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley approved the move, saying, “We are committed to removing officers with integrity issues from Baltimore’s streets and putting the best officers forward to rebuild trust with the communities we serve. As I’ve said before, ‘One bad cop is too many,’ and we will continue to work with the State’s Attorney’s Office and others to prosecute the best cases to create a safer Baltimore for all.”

That is something we all can agree we need, a safer Baltimore for all.
Source: WBAL