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A 10-year-old in Mississippi who was arrested for urinating in public gets probation and a book report assignment


Quantavious Eason, a 10-year-old boy from Mississippi, was arrested for urinating in a parking lot.  receives probation and a book report assignment as punishment.

The incident happened when the young boy had to use the bathroom but there were none around on this private property. So he relived himself behind his Mother’s car. he was spotted by an officer who approached spoke with his Mom and then proceeded to call for backup, four other police officers including a lieutenant arrived on the scene.  And despite of his Mother’s cries, the young kid was arrested and placed in the back of a police car.

During a recent hearing, the Youth Court of Tate County placed Quantavious on three months’ probation and ordered to do a two-page book report on basketball legend Kobe Bryant. But most importantly the incident will not be a part of his public record.
The family’s attorney said at the time the 10-year-old was “distraught and now is afraid of police. He will also start counseling as well.
An internal investigation wasted no time in delivering consequences. One officer is now out of a job, and others face disciplinary action.
This never should’ve even gotten this far. Crazy.

Source:: CNN