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World’s most dangerous plant ‘can cause suicidal thoughts’ after someone touches it 

First up.
Imagine being struck by lightning and set on fire simultaneously. Sounds awful, right? Well, that’s exactly what it feels like to brush against the Gympie-Gympie plant. The plant is found in the Australian and Indonesian rainforests.
This plant is no joke. The plant has ‘tiny needles’ on its edges which ‘sends burning sensations throughout the victim’.  It causes paralysing pain for the next 20-30 minutes, with pain continuing for months following the sting. The pain is so intense, it’s even driven people to suicidal thoughts. One man shot himself after brushing against the shrubbery.

This unique plant can cause red rashes and even ‘limbs to swell up’, as well as leaving people unable to sleep due to the unbearable pain.
Move over poison ivy. The Gympie-Gympie plant is the worlds most dangerous.
Learned something today.
Source: Unilad