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Ole Miss Student Kicked Out of Fraternity After Video Caught Racist Gestures Toward Protester

A peaceful pro-Palestinian protest at Ole Miss turned ugly when a video showing a student making racist gestures towards a Black protester went viral. The fraternity the student belonged to, Phi Delta Theta, announced they kicked him out. The university also announced they were working to determine whether more cases are warranted. Also, that they launched a student conduct investigation of an unnamed student.
But they didn’t stay unnamed for long. The NAACP was on the case and identified the student making the monkey gestures as James “JP” Staples. Now the group is calling for that students expulsion as well as two other students, who they allegedly say were “the primary perpetrators of racist remarks and actions that constitute derogatory and offensive behavior.”

The Chancellor of the school, in his note to university members, referenced Ole Miss’ past—specifically, a history of racism that the school is still grappling with—saying that “it is important to acknowledge our challenging history, and incidents like this can set us back.”
“It is one reason why we do not take this lightly,” he said, “and cannot let the unacceptable behavior of a few speak for our institution or define us.”
And it’s crazy how peaceful protests can turn into something not so peaceful.
Ignorance and hate are still being taught. Be wise!
Source: Time