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Angel Reese’s Chicago Sky debut racks up more than 545,000 live-stream views after WNBA blunder

Women’s basketball has been trending and showing us that the ladies got game too. Especially with stars like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese entering the league this year. There has been plenty of hype surrounding those two and all the talent coming out of the college ranks this year.
Well one of those stars, Angel Reese had her first professional preseason game with her new team, The Chicago Sky. A game that was not televised or even streamed on WNBA’s app. The league apologized for the faux pas and clarified that only Caitlin Clark’s debut with the Indiana Fever was being streamed.
But that did not stop fans from showing up to show support.

Especially after one superfan stepped up and live-streamed the game on their phone. And the stream went viral – with over 2.4 million views!
That’s probably more than the WNBA’s official stream would have gotten anyway.
Angel Reese, the Bmore basketball star, aka the new Chi-Town Barbie, had a decent first showing, She scored 13 points and went 2 of 7 shooting in Chicago’s 92-81 loss.
And with over 2 million views, I bet they stream their next game.
So happy for these ladies and women in professional sports. They deserve more attention and sponsorship.
Source: NY post