Two Black women accused of a racist attack against the Asian owner of a beauty shop in Houston claim they were the ones who were actually targeted and forced to defend themselves.

At least 10 people were killed, including a police officer, during a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday. A white male was shown being taken into custody.

A suspected white supremacist named Robert Aaron Long was arrested for allegedly going on a deadly shooting spree at multiple Asian massage parlors in the metro Atlanta area, leaving at least eight people dead.

Activists demanded that Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine prosecute the police officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death now that his self-proclaimed conflict of interest that prompted his recusal last year no longer exists.

The topic of Black Lives Matter played a role in selecting the first juror in the murder trial Derek Chauvin, of a former police officer accused of killing George Floyd.

The Dallas Police Department kept officer Brian Riser on the force while he was secretly investigated for putting out hits on two people. Now that Riser has been charged with capital murder, he was not immediately fired.

One year has passed since Ahmaud Arbery was jogging and ambushed by a posse of vigilantes who trapped and shot the unarmed Black man to death on a road in broad daylight. This timeline unravels a tangled web of key moments in the case.

What would you dooo for some chicken and waffles ♫ A California man wanted some chicken so he went to the famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena but he wasn’t wearing a mask.  Just like in Ohio, no shirt, no shoes, no mask…no service.  However the kind  Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles told […]

Ben Fancher, a man suspected in the brutal beating of a woman he met on Hinge, was arrested on Tuesday after authorities traced his whereabouts to New York, WSB-TV reports.

While they first said he was armed with a gun during the encounter, they now say he was unarmed as he dropped the gun and ran before being killed by officers in the street. Who knows what they'll say next time they try to justify their excessive use of deadly force. Don't be surprised when they pull out his "rap sheet" and paint him as a menace to society.