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Last week on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the episode ended with Cheyenne trying to put hands and feet on elevator girl, aka Kyomi Leslie. That where this week’s episode picks up.

The “fight” between Cheyenne and Kyomi over Shooter *rolls eyes* continues. Fortunately, nobody gets hurt because security just happens to be there to get in between them. Shooter is clearly over Cheyenne and hops in his truck and drives off with Kyomi.

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Scrapp grabs his sister and forces Cheyenne inside her vehicle. She tries to chase after them, but Scrapp is not having it and breaks down to his sister that Shooter ain’t worth it.

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We head back to Tennessee, and the ladies are packing up their things and getting ready to head back to Atlanta. Bambi left ahead because she didn’t want to deal with the nonsense on the bus. Anyway, Sierra fills in the ladies on her situation with BK and tells them that he denied doing anything wrong. Due to his past transgressions, Sierra doesn’t believe him and reveals she has no intention of inviting BK to her daughter’s birthday party.

Back in Atlanta, we are finally brought back up to speed about the situation with Kirk and Rasheeda’s oldest son, Kirk Jr. The couple bails out Kirk Jr., and he doesn’t have to go court…for now. They are just happy to see the knucklehead out of jail, and he tells them he is thankful for them bailing him out. He better be.

We catch up Bambi, and she has an elaborate idea to reveal that she is pregnant to Scrappy. The family takes a trip to Medieval Times, an interesting place to reveal you’re carrying someone’s seed. Anyway, after Scrappy gets “knighted,” an announcement is made that Bambi is pregnant, and to her surprise, Scrappy is incredibly happy.

While the couple is excited that their family is growing, the thought of Momma Dee finding out the news via other avenues instead of them telling her lingers in their minds. Plus, Scrappy is not talking to his mom after what she did to Bambi’s mother, Cece.

Linking back up with Kirk and Rasheeda, they have a much-needed conversation with Kirk Jr. and Ky. The annoying couple decides they want to use Krik Jr’s run-in with the law as a teachable moment for young Ky and hope he learns from it. Kirk and Rasheeda remind Kirk Jr. that he has to stay out of trouble and that people would be looking to catch him slipping because of who his family is. Did we miss something? Who knew the Frost family was so famous?

Sierra is back in Atlanta and at home with her friend/informant Tiffany Foxx getting ready for her daughter’s birthday party. Sierra spills the tea on BK, and while she is doing so, she speaks her ex-boyfriend into existence. Sierra ridiculously accuses BK of breaking in her crib, keep in mind he had a key.

Anyway, they argue with BK doubling down and saying he did nothing wrong while he was in the club. Sierra isn’t buying it and snatches her house keys away and tells him to bounce, she also informs him not to show up to her daughter’s birthday party.

Kendra and her wedding party, which consists of Joc’s momma, Rasheeda, Sierra, Mimi, Bambi, and Karli, are at the nail salon getting pampered. Spice and Shekinah eventually show up, but it’s Joc’s momma pointing out to Kendra’s mother that she cannot stand Karlie Redd, but she is going to keep the peace for now.

The ladies head to a drag queen show for the night’s entertainment. Kendra’s mom, who is very old fashioned, is not pleased with what she is seeing.

Karlie is at the bar talking with Shekinah and Spice and tells them she doesn’t think Joc will change his ways for his new wife. Karlie is convinced that Joc will do something to mess up his relationship with Kendra.

Karlie is such a damn hater.

Over at Bambi and Scrappy’s residence, its time to break the news to Momma Dee about the bun in the oven. They know that when she arrives, things are going to go left immediately when she sees Cece and Momma Dee doesn’t let them down. She is already upset at the fact that Cece learned about the baby before she did. Bambi does eventually apologize to her mother-in-law.

Eventually, she shifts her focus to Cece and insults her again, and Cece fires right back, even breaking out a voodoo doll of Momma Dee.

Scrappy has had enough and takes his mother into another room and tells her the obituary stunt was wild disrespectful to Cece, being that her husband is deceased. Bambi eventually walks in and tells Momma Dee she isn’t taking any sides but reveals she was upset by the fake obituary stunt. In the same breath, she also admits that her mom can also go too far as well. Momma Dee promises to fix the situation, but only after they both cool off.

Finally its the night of Paris’ party and immediately things start off weird. Not minding her own business, Shekinah blurts out that Shooter and Sierra should get back together. Sierra also didn’t invite Karlie because of the fight with her assistant Trina who is at the party.

The party shifts outside where Shooter and Sierra have wonderful a surprise for their daughter, which happens to be a new car.

The mood shifts quickly when an uninvited BK rolls up, bearing gifts. He also bought Paris a pair of diamond earrings while he gives his ex-girlfriend 2 condoms and pulls out receipts of her DMing other men. BK pulls out the printed copies of Sierra’s direct messages to other men, including Shooter.

Sierra claims she only sent messages about three times, but it doesn’t matter because BK got caught so many times.

Tokyo and the other ladies get upset with BK. Tokyo eventually chucks her purse at BK for whatever reason, and BK picked it up and threw back much to the dismay of the ladies, and the episode ends.

#LHHATL viewers had thoughts about the episode, especially about Shooter, Sierra, BK, and Joc’s momma. You can see them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty

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