Berry Gordy

Honorees for the 2022 Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame are looking just as elite as the class of 2021, with this year including legends like Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, late entertainers Cicely Tyson and Ray Charles, plus a handful of others.

One entertainment’s most iconic figures is calling it quits. Berry Gordy had confirmed that he is stepping away from music. Vibe is reporting that the Motown Records founder has announced his official retirement. He alerted his peers at the 60th-year celebration of Motown. “I have come full circle. It is only appropriate (to announce this) while […]

Today for Black History Month 2019, we are highlighting the music business entrepreneur behind Motown–Berry Gordy. Birth Date: November 28, 1929 Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Fun Facts:  Berry Gordy founded the epic label Motown, which helped develop artists like the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and other great acts Berry Gordy has 8 kids Berry Gordy’s son […]

Jennifer Lopez knew she would probably catch a lot of backlash for her tribute to Moton at the 2019 Grammy Awards. What she probably didn’t expect were PLENTY of people who watched at home to be even more upset than you think. Lopez did a medley of Motown hits from the Marvelettes to the Jackson […]

The singer Rockwell, best known for his 80s hit song, “Somebody’s Watching Me,” was arrested after allegedly beating a woman down with a chair at a Hollywood hotel. She has now filed a lawsuit over the injury. Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy Gordy, was arrested November 29, 2018 in Hollywood after the incident went down […]

Motown founder Berry Gordy has received a lot of accolades in his lengthy career, as well as the satisfaction of seeing a business he started…