Seeing what pioneers like Dapper Dan started and successors like Kerby Jean-Raymond continue to do as designers in Black fashion today proves that we’re only beginning to see what our culture will do in the field moving forward.

February is the month dedicated to celebrating African American Culture and our history in this country is one filled with great stories of overcoming, resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity. We have accomplished so much and given little to do so. In a society where African Americans were not accepted socially and everything was segregated. African Americans […]

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH. We continue to celebrate our culture, legacy, and African ancestry, we continue to lift up those that made a difference for us today and our current history makers, and those yet to come. On this day in black history on February 11th 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison after serving […]

Beauty is a billion-dollar industry and with Black dollars at stake, these ladies are cashing in big time.

Regardless of the field of endeavor – science, sports, business, politics – women have shattered long-held traditions, customs, and taken their rightful places in the world. From running companies to running countries. Gender equal leadership will lead to a more inclusive and effective society. 

All month and all year we continue to lift up our rich and proud ancestry and history and remember the triumphs and challenges we’ve had living in the United States of America. Today we remember the Orangeburg Massacre which happened on this day February 8th back in 1968 in South Carolina. A tragic night that […]

From Leila Foley to Keisha Lance Bottoms, Black women have occupied high office in their cities.

You can't talk about the history of comedy without mentioning a few names. Richard Pryor and Bernie Mac are two comedians are considered legends in stand-up comedy. But who was the first black comedian? What about the black female comedians?

They say the first thing a woman notices about a man is his shoes - this may help explain why.

We’ve listed 28 black movies to watch during Black History Month so you can challenge yourself to one movie a day.