THE BUZZ! Indonesia bans sex outside marriage as parliament passes sweeping new criminal code Planning a trip out of the country. Might want to reconsider going to a place like Bali in Indonesia. That’s because lawmakers in the country just unanimously passed a new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code doesn’t just apply […]

Anyone can get monkeypox, but CDC warns LGBTQ community about ‘greater chance’ of exposure now So if you haven’t heard by now there have been cases of monkey pox detected in some countries and even one case has been confirmed here in the U.S. So the CDC has issued a warning concerning the spread of […]

Planning a sexy evening out? Check out this list of foods that listeners feel you should stay away from. Sadly, some of your favorite foods may be on this list: Any sandwich with raw onions Crabs Indian Beans Chilli McDonalds … Explosive Belly Fish Dairy Barbque ribs or buffalo wings. No cute or neat way […]

Two crooks in Needville, Texas, who stole lawn equipment, fuel cans, an air vac, other yard equipment from a private home, were apprehended when the getaway SUV they were driving ran out of gas not more than 100 yards from where they stole the equipment, around 3 o’clock in the morning.  They immediately grabbed a […]

Via Fox Baltimore For Maryland drivers, the average cost of regular gas has increased by 21 cents in the past month.  According to AAA’s daily gauge report the gas prices have been on the rise for weeks and today  (8/7/12) the average cost for gas is $3.63. Fox Baltimore reports, there have been several refinery outages and oil pipeline […]

Via: In his weekly radio discussion, President Obama addresses the ongoing inquiry of lowering gas prices. He addressed various options and let listeners know of the current method used to gain American oil. Obama says the use of foreign oil cannot be reduced overnight and ask that all of America have patience. To read the entire […]

Via: With the demand of gas being at its lowest in the last 11 years, it is predicted that Americans will pay more for it this year. The need for fuel has made a major impact on families already tight budgets. Just last year, Americas have spent over 8 percent of their household income […]