Girl Scout

The Buzz: Congress Voted To Make Juneteenth A Federal Holiday The United States will soon have a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. The House voted 415-14 / 14 republicans voted against it but yesterday vote to make Juneteenth, or June 19th, the 12th federal holiday is now on its way . The bill […]

The rapper saw the video and tweeted back that she wants all the cookies!

Girl Scout Cookie CEREAL is headed to a grocery store near you! General Mills is reportedly coming out with the cereal in two flavors — Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch. Reportedly, they’ll be Limited Edition. The Girl Scout cereals are expected to hit shelves in January. I love Thin Mints, but as a cereal….. I […]

A California man was taken into custody Sunday after he allegedly pulled a gun on a Girl Scout selling cookies. Police reports say that the father of the girl called police after witnessing John Dodrill point a gun at his daughter. Dodrill was taken into custody for suspected assault with a deadly weapon. A firearm […]