R.I.P. Auntie Fee Passes Away At Age 59 After Major Heart Attack

Hip Hop Pioneer Kurtis Blow Suffers Heart Attack

Quentin Groves, a former NFL and Auburn University star, died in his sleep on Saturday of a heart attack.

Russell Poole, an ex-LAPD detective who worked on the Biggie Smalls case for about a year, died of a suspected heart attack.

A spokeswoman for the ride-hailing company has rebutted a lawsuit by saying that no background check is "100 percent foolproof."

Earlier this month, former NY Knicks power forward Anthony Mason had a massive heart attack and was in critical condition. He was eventually diagnosed with…

According to the American Heart Association, more than 40 percent of blacks have high blood pressure (HBP).Though doctors aren’t 100% sure why this is, they…

Andre 3000 of the rap group Outkast father has passed.  According to reports, he was chopping wood for his fireplace outside of his Atlanta home when he  was stricken.   A spokesperson for the duo confirmed that the rapper’s father, Lawrence Walker, died Thursday morning from a heart attack. Andre 3000’s mother, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, died in […]

There is another internet hoax going around that says if you cough  repeatedly and very vigorously known as the “Cough CPR” it can help you survive a heart attack. Well The American Heart Association does not recommend that the public use this method in a situation where there is no medical supervision. It might be beneficial under certain controlled circumstances. However here […]

Here is another reason why you should incorporate meditation into your life. A small study down on Transcendental Meditation found that it might help prevent heart attacks, strokes and early death.   These benefits appear to be the results of meditation’s ability to lower blood pressure, stress and anger, all of which have been linked to […]